Photo Booth | Green Screen | The Photo Bus | Event Lighting

Why not elevate your event with one of the many 1000 Words event services?

Looking for a
Photo Booth that can accommodate 20 guests? We can do that.

How about a
Green Screen customized to your event? We can do that, too.

Event Lighting from 1000 Words is available in a rainbow of colors that will add style and coordinate perfectly with your event theme.

Who can resist the charm of a
1968 VW Bus? Now, put a Photo Booth IN the bus, and you have a feature that people will remember for years.
1000 Words offers you more options to share your pictures online. Using our social media uploading stations, your guests can share their photos on Facebook and Twitter. Our new Instagram print station allows your guests to post their images online and receive a fun photo to take home. Contact us today to discuss your next event.